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Dear reader,

We are delighted to share with you the 2022 LSFI Annual Report.

While in 2021 we kicked off our activities, in 2022 we focused on consolidating our role, strengthening our actions and further connecting a unique ecosystem of active and committed players. The aim has always been to advance the sustainable finance ecosystem by leveraging synergies, fostering knowledge sharing, raising awareness and measuring progress.

Some of the 2022 landmark activities have been: organizing the first LSFI Stakeholder Assembly; expanding the Take Action toolkit with the training section, and setting up and kicking off the LSFI Working Group on Sustainable Finance Training and Education; surveying the Luxembourg general public on sustainable finance; and conducting the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Study: A quantitative and Qualitative Overview.

In the LSFI annual report, you will find a comprehensive overview of these and the other activities we developed during 2022 in line with the LSFI Action Plan and our mid-term goals.

The LSFI team would like to thank everyone involved in 2022 work for their invaluable support.


Access the 2022 LSFI Annual Report