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The Road Toward Banking Decarbonisation: The Case of MENA

This webinar will discuss key climate challenges in the MENA region and the role banks can play in mitigating those risks. Key concepts of climate mitigation for the banking sector will be discussed, covering different areas in which policymakers and banks need to take action in order to accelerate banking decarbonisation including baseline measurement and reporting, commitment, target-setting, transition strategies and the operationalisation of net zero. Having set the conceptual framework, the webinar will then discuss a summary of the key findings from the analysis that UNEP FI has conducted on the state of banking decarbonisation in the MENA region, covering existing initiatives from policymakers as well as how banks have responded so far. Finally, the session will outline a set of recommendations for policymakers and banks, leveraging insights from best practices being observed globally.

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Aug 29 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am