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LSFI Masterclasses

LSFI Masterclasses

Raising awareness and unlocking potential


These masterclasses are knowledge-sharing sessions to upskill the Luxembourg financial professionals on concrete sustainable finance topics in order to help the sector advance and lead on this matter. They aim to foster a knowledgeable community through theoretical and practical content delivered by national and international experts. They are also a forum to exchange best practices and discuss practical solutions.

These masterclasses intend to fulfil some of the gaps identified by the LSFI through its activities, such as the stakeholders’ meetings, the Stakeholder Assembly, the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Studies, and the trends and challenges identified within the sector. In this regard, they also aim to support Luxembourg lead on specific sustainable finance themes and overcome challenges by providing the financial sector with concrete tools and guidance.


The core target is the Luxembourg financial professionals working in the sustainable finance domain. Professionals from other areas such as research or civil society that are involved in the abovementioned area can attend too.

Format & Duration

The sessions are in person. They combine theory and practice. They include presentations from national and international industry experts and case studies to discuss actual examples, cases and challenges.
Each masterclass lasts between 2:30h and 3:30h, depending on the topic covered. The first part consists of presentations, the second part is dedicated to practical cases and, at the end, some time is reserved for open discussions looking to foster synergies in the space.


The LSFI team publishes after each masterclass a summary with the main key takeaways. The summary is available not only to the participants but also to the broader public.

LSFI Masterclasses

The session covered blended finance, its key characteristics, benefits, and best practices. It also looked into how it works in practice, explaining, through real case studies, types of structures, capital raising, strategies followed, challenges encountered and its solutions.
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The session covered where biodiversity stands, why its preservation is pivotal for our future, and what are the main frameworks and standards, such as the Convention on Biodiversity and the recently launched Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). It also delved into integrating biodiversity into financial decisions by examining case studies.

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