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About us - Who we are

LSFI – Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative

A public-private association promoting sustainable finance in Luxembourg and abroad.

About Us

The Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative (LSFI) is a not-for-profit association that designs and implements the Sustainable Finance Strategy for the Luxembourg financial centre. Our objective is to raise awareness, promote and help develop sustainable finance in Luxembourg.

The LSFI was founded in January 2020 by the Luxembourg Government (Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Environment, Climate and Biodiversity), Luxembourg for Finance (the agency for the development of the financial centre) and the High Council for Sustainable Development (Conseil Supérieur pour un Développement Durable), an independent advisory body to the Luxembourg Government about sustainable development matters that represents the civil society.

The idea of creating an association which would promote sustainable finance in Luxembourg dates back to 2018 when the Luxembourg Government published, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program, the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Roadmap. One of the main recommendations of the Roadmap was to create a Sustainable Finance Initiative.

As a consequence, in its 2018-2023 Coalition Agreement, the Luxembourg Government announced the set-up of the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative which would gather relevant stakeholders of the sustainable finance sector. The Luxembourg Government Coalition Agreement 2023 – 2028 reiterated the role of the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative as the coordinating entity on sustainable finance.

Our Timeline

LSFI Action Plan Medium Term objectives implementation
LSFI Action Plan Medium Term objectives implementation
LSFI Action Plan Medium Term objectives implementation
LSFI Action Plan Short Term objectives implementation
LSFI Launch
Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Roadmap with the UNEP FI

Our Mission

The LSFI is the coordinating entity and aims to be a central point of contact and information for all sustainable finance actors in Luxembourg. We raise awareness, promote and help the financial sector further transition towards increased sustainability. We also elaborate and implement the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Strategy.

Our actions are built around three pillars:

  1. Raising awareness and Promoting Sustainable Finance
  2. Unlocking Potential
  3. Measuring Progress

Would you like to know more about what we do? Visit our dedicated page.

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Meet the Team

A dedicated and enthusiastic team! The LSFI team is made of professionals who are genuinely passionate about sustainability and best ways to integrate it into the Luxembourg financial sector.

Nicoletta Centofanti


Lorenzo Avico

Deputy CEO

Maria Tapia Rojo

Communication Manager

José Godonou Atata

Stakeholder Coordinator

Stella Kouri

Communication Analyst

Alex Pothaar

Sustainable Finance Officer

Maria Ouli

Administrative Assistant