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Solutions and resources for financial professionals as well as savers and private investors looking to include ESG criteria in the financial decision making process.

Financial Professionals

Financial professionals can play a crucial role in promoting a fair and sustainable transition, building pathways towards a more inclusive and just economy and addressing climate change.

Wondering how to take part in this transition? This section aims to introduce you to existing instruments that can help you navigate the sustainable finance landscape. You will find an introduction to Initiatives, Frameworks, Standards and Tools, what’s their use and a comprehensive list of each of them.

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Savers & Private Investors

There are multiple ways to ensure that your personal savings and investment decisions are profitable whilst also contributing to a more sustainable world.  There is a large variety of financial instruments at your disposal (e.g., investment funds, pension plans, life-insurance products and other savings accounts) which can take into account both your need for financial return and your sustainability preferences. This section will tell you more about these different financial instruments, and how they can help you have a positive impact with your money.

This section will be available very soon, stay tuned!