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Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

LSFI Advisory Boards

About the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The LSFI is seeking high-level scientists to support the transition towards sustainability, drive groundbreaking advancements in sustainable finance as well as foster environmental, social and governance factors.

The LSFI Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will:

  • Conduct assessments on scientific topics that are key to advancing sustainable finance.
  • Provide science-based proposals and guidance on how to effectively integrate and implement sustainability dimensions across financial institutions.
  • Identify and develop science-based tools, indicators or benchmarks to support sustainable finance investment decisions.
  • Assess and recommend best-practices.
  • Create a channel for international collaboration on science-related matters.
  • Proposing new avenues for research to further advance the sustainable finance ecosystem in Luxembourg.

Who can apply?

The SAB aims to be composed of scientific profiles, researchers or thought leaders in a scientific discipline such as environment, biology, earth sciences and social sciences (e.g., economics, political science, sociology, human geography) or professionals with relevant professional experience and strong background on science-related matters (e.g., biologist, environmental engineer, sociologist, human rights and governance specialists).

The LSFI Board of Directors will select the SAB members, as well as the Chair and Vice-Chair, taking into account the different areas of expertise.

Key dates of the IIAB set-up