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Sustainable Finance Training


Sustainable Finance is a fast-evolving topic that requires professionals with the financial and sustainable skills and know-how to navigate this complex environment. Here you can find a comprehensive list of sustainable finance training in Luxembourg, abroad and online. Use the filters below to see which learning suits best your needs depending on your level of expertise or your topics of interest.

Disclaimer – Please note that LSFI is a not-for-profit association aiming to support the development of sustainable finance. The content of LSFI’s website aims to serve this purpose by giving information that would help its audience better understand and navigate sustainable finance’s concepts and stakeholders. This work does not aim to be fully comprehensive or to promote one training or provider over another. It is also by no means to be considered as financial, legal or training advice.

wdt_ID Course Provider Description Requirements Themes Type Location Duration
1 Applying GRI Standards to write your non-financial report PwC's Academy Understanding the norm ISO 26000 and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, links & synergies in terms of non-financial reporting following GRI. No pre-requisites ISO 26000, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Reporting Seminar Online & Luxembourg 3h
2 Aspiring Directors Programme - Shaping Future Directors ILA - Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs Basis of effective board membership to carry out a board mandate, general overview of company’s operational activities and corporate governance, exposure to risk and strategic direction. No pre-requisites Board of Directors, Corporate Governance, Finance for Directors Executive Fontainebleau (FR) 5d
3 Business and Climate Change University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) Risks and strategic opportunities re. climate change, i.e. how to build a business model in a low carbon, resource-efficient economy. No pre-requisites Climate Change, Corporate Responsiblity Executive Elearning Part-time (2m, 8-10 h/week)
4 Business Strategies for A Better World Specialization Wharton School - Univeristy of Pennsylvania Tools and strategies to lead, invest, and make business decisions for social impact and scale entrepreneurship projects for social impact; analysis of global trends to make strategic business decisions. No pre-requisites Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact, Sustainable Development Seminar Elearning 34h
5 Business Sustainability Management University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) Tools to pioneer change throughout the organisation with sustainability practices. Knowledge and confidence to argue the business case for sustainability. No pre-requisites Corporate Responsiblity, Regulations, Sustainability Executive Elearning Part-time (2m, 12-15 h/week)
6 Certificate in Climate and Investing (CCI) CFA Society UK For investment professionals to understand climate and how to integrate climate change considerations into the investment process. No pre-requisites Analysis & Valuation, Climate Change, Climate Finance, Instruments, Reporting, Risk Management, Strategies Certificate No sessions, reading material to be studied for the exam Self-learning book, 130h study
7 Certificat de development durable Université de Namur Overview of sustainable development at all decision-making levels, incl. complexity linked to multiple issues: circular economy, peak oil, future generations rights, biodiversity etc. Tools to integrate it into the professional framework. BA degree or equivalent Biodiversity, Circular Economy, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Sustainability Certificate Namur (BE) Part-time (11d across 6m)
8 Certificate in ESG Investing CFA Society Luxembourg To learn how to: manage investments integrating ESG factors, analyse, evaluate, and integrate ESG factors; construct & manage ESG integrated portfolios, incl. investment mandates, portfolio analytics and client reporting. No pre-requisites Analysis & Valuation, Data, Reporting, Strategies, Sustainable Finance Certificate No sessions, reading material to be studied for the exam Self-learning book, 130h study
10 Certificate in Sustainable Finance University of Luxembourg Foundations on sustainable finance, covering all core concepts, incl. financial concepts, regulatory and legal dimension, and reporting standards. BA degree or equivalent, Excel-based Modeling, English Data, Regulations, Monitoring, Reporting, Strategies, Sustainable Finance Certificate Luxembourg 8d
11 Certificate of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Finance (CAS) University of Zurich Theoretical and practical knowledge of sustainable finance concepts, insights into the latest findings of research and practice in sustainable finance. BA degree, Work Experience Analysis & Valuation, Banking, Climate Change, Insurance, Microfinance, Research, Strategies, Sustainable Finance Certificate Zurich (CH) Part-time (6-12m)