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Instruments to help you navigate the sustainable finance journey

Sustainable Finance Training


Sustainable Finance is a fast-evolving topic that requires professionals with the financial and sustainable skills and know-how to navigate this complex environment. Here you can find a comprehensive list of sustainable finance training in Luxembourg, abroad and online. Use the filters below to see which learning suits best your needs depending on your level of expertise or your topics of interest.

wdt_ID Tittle Provider Description Target / Admission requirements Themes Course type Online / In person Duration / Time comittment
1 Sustainable Finance Series - Module 1 – SFDR, the EU Taxonomy and the broader EU regulatory framework Arendt & Medernach Outline of the EU Action Plan, Taxonomy Regulation, SFDR, revisions to AIFM, UCITS Directives and MiFID Rules, overview of the key considerations related to the Regulation. No pre-requisites Regulation, Sustainable Finance Seminar Luxembourg 3,5h
2 Sustainable Finance Series - Module 2 – Sustainability and risk management Arendt & Medernach Understanding of what sustainability risks are and how to measure and manage them, including the expectations of the regulator and the explanation of the interplay between ESG materiality and ESG risks. Knowledge of sustainable finance concepts and requirements Risk Management, Sustainable Finance Seminar Luxembourg 3,5h
3 Sustainable Finance Series - Module 3 – ESG and Distribution Arendt & Medernach Understanding of the key ESG/SFDR concepts, focus on MiFID impacts (e.g. sustainabilty preferences, product categorization) and on the local rules. Suggestions on how to redact marketing documentation. Knowledge of sustainable finance concepts and requirements Data, Instruments, Regualtion, Reporting, Sustainable Finance Seminar Luxembourg 3,5h
4 Responsible and Sustainable Finance Awarding Body University College Dublin Introduction to climate change, EU regulatory initiatives, non-financial disclosures, climate and sustainability reporting, climate related risks and green, social, and sustainable bonds. No pre-requisites Bonds, Climate Risk, Regulation, Sustainable Finance Certificate Online 3m
5 Climate School Catalogue AXA Climate School Multiple courses covering various sustainability-related challenges such as: Climate system, Biodiversity, Natural resources, Inequalities and Climate Change, Human Rights, Water Crisis and how to address them No pre-requisites Biodiversity, Climate Risk, Climate Change, Natural Capital, Sustainability Seminar Online Variable
6 Regulation School catalog AXA Climate School Multiples courses covering EU Regulation on Sustainable Finance (e.g. Taxonomy, SFDR, CSRD) and frameworks (e.g. TCFD, TNFD). No pre-requisites, French Regulation, Sustainable Finance Seminar Online Variable
7 CESGA® - Certified ESG Analyst AZEK Develop a better understanding of the needs of capital markets in terms of ESG information and provides the tools to embrace holistically ESG integration. Financial professionals Sustainable Finance, Wealth Management Certificate Online 100h
8 Microfinance Training Program (MFT) Boulder Institute of Microfinance Understanding of the strategies MFIs have used to segment clients and respond to their circumstances, looking at tactical and strategic responses in the areas of product design, HR, portfolio, and financial management, and helping MFIs explore how to bala Work experience Data, Microfinance, Reporting, Risk Management, Strategies Executive Online 60h across 2,5m
9 Transforming Business: Valuing social and human capital Capitals Coalition Introduction to social and human capital issues and their relationship with human rights and sustainability. No pre-requisites Human Rights, Measurement, Social Impact Seminar Online 8h
10 Valuing nature and people to inform business decision-making Capitals Coalition Introduction to the capitals approach and to undertaking a natural capital assessment. No pre-requisites Climate Change, Measurement, Natural Capital, Risk Management, Sustainable Finance Certificate E-learning 21h

Disclaimer – Please note that LSFI is a not-for-profit association aiming to support the development of sustainable finance. The content of LSFI’s website aims to serve this purpose by giving information that would help its audience better understand and navigate sustainable finance’s concepts and stakeholders. This work does not aim to be fully comprehensive or to promote one training or provider over another. It is also by no means to be considered as financial, legal or training advice.