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What are they?

Initiatives, also called Networks or Alliances, are membership-based communities or groups that aim to raise awareness and support firms by facilitating news, providing tools and guidelines or organising webinars.

Why joining one?

If you wish to get support or guidance on a particular topic, this can be a way to do it. Initiatives are platforms to share challenges, identify common solutions and leverage best practices.

When joining one?

These instruments can primarily support you in the governance and strategy phases. Finding the most appropriate to your needs can depend on the theme you wish to pursue, the nature of your firm or your geographical focus.

Please note that LSFI is a not-for-profit association aiming to support the development of sustainable finance. LSFI’s website’s content aims to serve this purpose by giving information that would help its audience better understand and navigate sustainable finance’s concepts and stakeholders. This work does not aim to be fully comprehensive or to promote one organisation over another. It is also by no means to be considered as financial or legal advice. We also invite our audience to help us improve our content by submitting their comments using the “Feedback” button below.

wdt_ID Name Description Targets Theme Region Members/Sign/AUM
1 Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC) Encourage action re. risks and opportunities associated with climate change and net-zero investing. Asset Owners, Asset Managers, Institutional Investors, Service Providers Net-zero emission East Asia, South East & Pacific 41/ $26 trillion
2 Banking Environment Initiative (BEi) Lead the banking industry in directing capital towards sustainable economic development. Banks Biodiversity, Environment, Net-zero emission Global 8 / NA
3 Business for Nature (BfN) Bring together all types of organizations calling for governments to adopt policies to reverse nature loss. Companies, Financial Institutions, Organisations Environment, Biodiversity Global 900 / $4.3 trillion (companies’ revenues)
4 Capitals Coalition (CC) Redefine capitals approach to empowering decisions making, understanding how success is underpinned by natural, social and human capital, Academia, Financial Institutions, Companies, Governments, Organisations Accounting, Biodiversity, Capitals Approach, Environment, Social Global 380 / NA
5 Ceres Investor Network Transform the economy to build a sustainable future & advance investment practices, corporate engagement, and policy solutions. Asset Owners, Asset Managers, Institutional Investors Energy, Net-zero emission, Reporting, Water, North America 195 / $37 trillion
6 Climate Action 100+ (CA 100+) +160 companies that are critical to the net-zero emissions transition. Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Institutional Investors, Service Providers Net-zero emission Global 615 / $55 trillion
7 Climate Action in Financial Institutions Initiative (CA in FI) Make climate change a core component of financial institutions' businesses (work on best practices and innovative approaches) Central Banks, Development Banks, Financial Institutions Climate Risk, Net-zero emission Global 52 / NA
8 Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) Promote investment in climate change solutions or a rapid transition to a climate resilient economy. Developed the Climate Bonds Standard. Banks, Bond Issuers, Stock Exchanges, Securities Markets, Service Providers Environment, Net-zero emission, Energy, Infrastructure, Reporting Global NA
9 Climate Safe Lending Network (CSL) Accelerate the decarbonization of the banking sector, by providing a peer-learning space Asset Owners, Academia, Banks, Institutional Investors Net-zero emission Europe, North America NA
10 ClimateWise (CW) Respond to the risks and opportunities of climate change with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). Insurances Climate Risk Global 24 / NA
Targets Theme Region