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The table below will help you navigate the main Initiatives relevant for financial actors. You can filter by Targets or Regions or search by Keyword. To ensure the full usability of this page, we recommend you to access it through your laptop and make the browser window full screen.

wdt_ID Name Description Targets Themes Regions Members/AUM
1 2X Global Advance intersectional investment agendas, level up gender-smart investments, and scale the field of gender finance. Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Companies, Investors, Pension Funds, Service Providers Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality Global $16.3 billion
2 ACCOUNTING BODIES NETWORK Help achieve a common approach to accounting for sustainability. Associations, Organisations Accounting, Net-Zero, Sustainable Finance Global 16 representing 2.4 million accountants / NA
3 African Natural Capital Alliance Mobilise the response to the risk of nature loss to ensure policies and practices integrate the risks and opportunities tied to Africa’s natural capital. Financial Institution, Organisations, NGOs, States, Biodiversity, Natural Capital, SDGs Africa 9+ / NA
4 Alliance for Financial Inclusion Empower policymakers to increase access and usage of quality financial services for the underserved through the formulation, implementation and global advocacy of sustainable and inclusive policies. Central Banks, Regulators Diversity & Inclusion, Social, Sustainable Finance Emerging Markets 85 / NA
5 Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC) Create awareness and encourage action regarding the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and net-zero investing. Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Service Providers Net-Zero Asia, Pacific 72 / $32 trillion
6 Banking Environment Initiative Lead the banking industry in directing capital towards sustainable economic development. Banks Biodiversity, Environment, Net-Zero Global 8 / NA
7 Business for Nature (BfN) Bring together all types of organizations calling for governments to adopt policies to reverse nature loss. Academia, Companies, Financial Institutions, Organisations, NGOs Biodiversity, Environment Global 85 / NA
8 Capitals Coalition (CC) Redefine capitals approach to empowering decisions making, understanding how success is underpinned by natural, social and human capital. Academia, Companies, Financial Institutions, Organisations, States Accounting, Biodiversity, Natural Capital Global 400+ / NA
9 Ceres Transform the economy to build a sustainable future & advance investment practices, corporate engagement, and policy solutions. Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Service Providers Biodiversity, Energy, Environment, Net-Zero, Reporting, Water United States 220 / $60 trillion
10 Circular Bioeconomy Alliance Accelerate the transition to a circular bioeconomy that is climate neutral, inclusive and prospers in harmony with nature. Academia, Asset Managers, Companies, Investors, NGOs, Organisations Biodiversity, Circular Economy, Ecosystems, Environment, Natural Capital Global 49 / NA

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