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Take Action – Standards


What is a Standard?

Standards and Reporting Systems, are sets of requirements and metrics that aim to help organisations to collect, report and disclose information.

Why joining a Standard?

To measure and track progress, and to provide evidence of the impact achieved. Standards ensure comparable, consistent, and reliable disclosure over time.

When joining a Standard?

Standards help on the execution, reporting and measurement process. Standards are especially relevant when an organisation committed to a Framework or Principles, and needs to report and track progress on its commitment(s).

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The table below will help you navigate the main Standards relevant for financial actors. You can filter them by Target, Theme or search by keyword. To ensure the full usability of this page, we recommend you to access it through your laptop and make the browser window full screen.

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wdt_ID Name Description Target Coverage Theme
1 CDP disclosure system Measure and manage risks and opportunities on climate change, water security and deforestation, informing decisions & helps engaging with companies. Asset Manager, Asset Owner, Company, Financial Institution, Institutional Investor 590 investors / $110 trillion Biodiversity, GHG Emissions, Emissions, Environment, Water
2 Accounting for Climate CDSB (Climate Disclosure Standards Board) Identify how climate-related matters should be integrated into companies financial reporting, based on IFRS. Company, Financial Institution NA Accounting, Climate Risk, Climate-related
3 Climate Bonds Standard (CBS) Guidance on eligibility criteria, content of framework document, prior and post issuance reporting & review, reviewers & labelling status. Asset Manager, Asset Owner, Bond Issuers, Capital Markets, Institutional Investor 376 instruments / $178 billion volume of certified debt Environment, Climate-related
4 European Green Bond Standard (EU GBS) Standardise how to use green bonds to raise funds on capital markets to finance large-scale investments (proposed regulation). Asset Manager, Asset Owner, Bond Issuers, Capital Markets, Institutional Investor NA Environment, Climate-related
5 GRI Standards (Global Reporting Initiative) Report on the impact on economy, environment, and society for sustainability reports. GRI is complementary to SASB standards. Companies, Financial Institutions 1.000 / NA Environment, Social, Impact, Economic
6 ILO Standards (International Labour Organisation) Set out basic principles and rights at work. Companies, Financial Institutions NA Social, Human Rights
7 IMP Five Dimensions of Impact (Impact Management Project) Understand effects on people and the planet to assess and measure impact, either as building blocks of impact management or as checklist. Asset Manager, Asset Owner, Company, Financial Institution 2.000 / NA Impact
8 IRIS+ (International Reporting Impact Standard) Measure, manage & report impact, classified by SDGs/ impact categories, also including the five dimensions of impact. Aligned with GRI standards. Asset Manager, Asset Owner, Company, Institutional Investor, Financial Institution 20.245 (User), 8.625 (Organisation) Diversity & Inclusion, Education, Emission, Energy, Health, Impact, Landuse, Ocean, SDGs, Waste, Water
9 IUCN Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions (NbS) Incentivise, enable implement and improve Nature-based Solutions (NbS) projects, with a system which identifies areas for further improvement. Asset Manager, Asset Owner, Company, Financial Institution, Project Finance NA Nature-based Solutions
10 Joint Impact Indicators (JII) Set of common high-level metrics to measure and report on investment activities to reduce reporting burden (between HIPSO and the IRIS+ Metrics) Asset Manager, Asset Owner, Institutional Investor, Company, Financial Institution, DFIs NA SDGs, Impact, Gender, Job Creation, Energy, Environment, GHG emissions, Landuse, Water