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Instruments to help you navigate the sustainable finance journey.

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The table below will help you navigate the main Standards relevant for financial actors. You can filter them by Target, Theme or search by keyword. To ensure the full usability of this page, we recommend you to access it through your laptop and make the browser window full screen.

wdt_ID Name Description Targets Themes Members / AUM
1 CDP disclosure system Measure and manage risks and opportunities on climate change, water security and deforestation, informing decisions & helps engaging with companies. Companies, Financial Institution, Investors Biodiversity, Emissions, GHG Emissions, Environment, Water 680 investors / $130 trillion
2 CDSB’s - Accounting for Climate Identify how climate-related matters should be integrated into companies financial reporting, based on IFRS. Companies, Financial Institutions Accounting, Climate-Related, Climate Risk NA
3 Climate Bonds Standard (CBS) Guidance on eligibility criteria, content of framework document, prior and post issuance reporting & review, reviewers & labelling status. Bond issuers, Capital Markets, Investors Climate-Related, Environment $279 billion volume of certified debt
4 EFFRAG EU Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) Exposure Drafts (EDs) Set of standards required under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) proposal covering the full range of sustainability matters. Companies, Financial Institutions, Investors Biodiversity, Clients Responsibility, Climate-Related, Emissions, Environment, Governance, Pollution, Regulation, Resources, Social, Sustainability, Water, Workforce NA
5 European Green Bond Standard (EU GBS) Standardise how to use green bonds to raise funds on capital markets to finance large-scale investments. Bond Issuers, Capital Markets, Investors Climate-Related, Environment NA
6 Findatex European ESG Template (EET) Facilitate the exchange of data between product manufacturer and distributor to fulfill ESG-related regulatory requirements (SFDR, Taxonomy, MiFID II, IDD). Asset Managers, Banks, Distributors, Insurances, Pension Funds, Product Manufacturers Environment, Governance, Regulation, Social NA
7 GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard Provide requirements and guidance for preparing a GHG emissions inventory. Companies, Investors GHG Emissions NA
8 Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI) Report on the impact on economy, environment, and society for sustainability reports. GRI is complementary to SASB standards. Companies, Financial Institutions Economic, Environment, Impact, Social 10.000 / NA
9 ICMA Illustrative KPIs Registry Recommend and provide illustrative examples for the selection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Sustainability-linked Bonds Biodiversity, Climate-Related, Diversity & Inclusion, GHG Emissions, Health, Human Rights, Pollution, Resources, Water, Waste NA
10 Impact management Project (IMP) Five Dimensions of Impact Understand, measure and assess the enterprises' impacts on people and the planet to assess and measure impact. Companies, Financial Institutions, Investors Impact NA

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