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Klima Expo 2021

In preparation for COP26, the ‘KlimaExpo 2021’ is the first national exhibition dedicated to actors and solutions to the climate cause. This event, organized by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development is intended to be a place of discovery, learning and discussion for everyone who is interested in or concerned by the topic of global warming. The event’s entire concept evolves around youth and the new generation. Young people make a huge contribution to the climate cause. On the one hand, they are the fiercest critics of international climate policy, on the other hand they represent our hope for the future. This is why the KlimaExpo 2021 will be presented in a “project” atmosphere with the aesthetics of a construction site. Nothing can be taken for granted in the climate fight. The work has only just begun.

Our objectives are multiple. Removing any fear, any inhibition or misunderstanding people may have about the climate cause. Explaining, showing contributions to the climate cause –  failures included. Motivating people to have conversations about the climate issue. Promoting climate knowledge. Making more space for this topic on the political agendas. Allowing more visibility to gain public attention as well as engaging the medias and social networks. In short, we want to accelerate the progress of the climate cause. Change the game as a community of citizens. This is what we want to achieve!

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Oct 09 - 11 2021


All Day