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About the Briefing

The finance sector can play a critical role in accelerating the coal phase out. While more and more financial institutions are now calling on coal companies to adopt phase out plans, they need to go beyond vaguely worded requests and take action to ensure that these plans are robust, time-bound and credible. In this briefing, Reclaim Finance and Urgewald look at the criteria that financial institutions can use to evaluate the phase-out plans of their clients involved in the thermal coal sector.

This briefing aims to assist financial institutions in evaluating the coal phase-out plans of clients involved in the thermal coal sector. Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement hundreds of financial institutions have committed to restricting their support to the coal industry. However companies with non-existent or inadequate plans to phase out their coal operations, and even those building new power plants and mines, continue to have access to insurance, investments and banking services.

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