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Survey on Sustainable Finance in Luxembourg 2022

Overview of the interest, knowledge and concerns of Luxembourg residents regarding sustainable finance.

2. Understanding and need of information

Generally speaking, sustainable finance is a subject that the public has difficulty in understanding. According to the people interviewed, transparency and the need to be better informed are key elements to better understand the subject of sustainable finance.

Lack of general knowledge

47% of respondents admit to not knowing or misunderstanding what sustainable finance is. Moreover, 43% of the public surveyed associate sustainable finance with “environmental impact”. The other dimensions (social and governance) are not well known.

And if we go into details in the products or terminology, the respondents are not completely sure they understand the subject. To the question “Which of the following statements define a sustainable financial product?” the main answers are:

The level of understanding of sustainable finance products and concepts is also relatively low: more than half of the respondents admit having insufficient knowledge on each of the selected topics.

Need for transparency

For the respondents, transparency as well as the need to be more informed are key factors to better understand sustainable finance and to consider investing in sustainable financial products.

50% would like to know more about the profitability of sustainable financial products and 48% and 46% respectively would like to receive more information about sustainable financial products and the different concepts related to sustainable finance.

The survey also asked respondents about the factors that would encourage or prevent them from investing in sustainable finance products.