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Survey on Sustainable Finance in Luxembourg 2022

Overview of the interest, knowledge and concerns of Luxembourg residents regarding sustainable finance.


5. The banker’s role

The banker as the most reliable source of information

Bankers clearly remain the most reliable source of information for the respondents and the one they turn to most often.

When it comes to looking for information on financial matters, again, most respondents prefer to go to their bank (62%), 55% choose to look on the internet and 37% to their relatives. Social media (such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.) are the least consulted sources (about 1%).

Overall, to be more informed about sustainable finance, the preferred communication medium is the Internet (60%), followed by the written press (47%) and newsletters (44%). If we examine the first three answers according to the age of the respondents, we see that young people prefer the Internet (nearly 60%) but are not very familiar with the written press (34%), while on the contrary, the 55+ are more inclined towards the written press (61%) and newsletters (59%) and less towards the Internet (34%).