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The document is a non-binding guidance to help large banks, investors, insurers & non-financial companies produce EUtaxonomy-eligibility reporting starting from January 2022.
Through its 22 questions, the FAQ aims to respond to some existent doubts with regard to how financial and non-financial undertakings should report Taxonomy-eligible economic activities and assets following the Taxonomy Regulation Article 8 Disclosures Delegated Act. The Commission intends to update these FAQs regularly.

Some of the issues it addresses are:
– What should financial and non-financial undertakings report and by when?
– What should undertakings with no Taxonomy-eligible economic activities report?
– Should Taxonomy eligible economic activities be reported in monetary amounts?

To supplement the FAQ, the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance has also released the following two documents:
– “Considerations on voluntary information as part of Taxonomy-eligibility reporting”: supplementary information to help users of the EU Taxonomy with the disclosures required under Article 8 of the Taxonomy Regulation. Access the report
– “EU taxonomy NACE alternate classification mapping”: indicative mapping of selected industry classification systems, and how they relate to the description of economic activities in the EU Taxonomy delegated act. Access the report