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How does gender interact with the drive toward sustainability in the economy and society? How can we foster gender equality in the workplace?

Integrating the gender dimension plays a twofold central role in the transition towards sustainability. On the one hand, according to recent studies, women in leadership positions have been seen to consistently integrate sustainability in business and investment decisions further. On the other hand, particularly in developing countries, the consequences of climate change have a greater impact on women, therefore requiring larger attention.

If you would like to gain further insights on this topic, have a look at our latest summary report. The summary report covers some of the key highlights from the webinar “What’s the role of women’s leadership in the transition to sustainability?” organised by the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative (LSFI) and the University of Luxembourg in October 2023. It also includes reports and studies that analysed gender equality and sustainability. Its looks at the role of quotas and finance and how women’s leadership can impact the transition towards sustainability, among others.

Access the Summary Report here.