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Transition finance: linking sustainability performance to capital market financing

As the focus on net zero is increasing, the concept of transition finance is gaining traction. While there is still no universal definition of what it encompasses, market players are actively discussing what a transition finance framework could or should look like. In 2020, the Climate Bonds Initiative published its whitepaper Financing Credible Transitions, and ICMA followed suit with its long-awaited guidelines Climate Transition Finance Handbook. Yet the debate continues. What are the challenges linked to such a concept? How were the new guidelines perceived by the market? And can transition finance become a real trend if a clear definition is yet to be defined?

This webinar will cover all these aspects and showcase the perspectives of different stakeholders including issuers, external reviewers, industry associations and exchanges.

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Oct 07 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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