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Sustainable Finance Education & Training Working Group

About the Sustainable Finance Education & Training Working Group

To fulfill its mandate, the working group will work towards achieving its first and seconds objectives.

First objective

Map and identify gaps and needs, and propose practical solutions to develop suitable sustainable finance-related education path/training.

Second objective

Promote sustainable finance-related trainings.

On a regular basis

Exchange of information.


The working group aims to be composed of professionals with relevant experience and expertise in the field of sustainable finance and education who are willing to contribute actively and regularly to the objectives of this working group.
The working group will have a chair and the number of members will be limited to 10-12 persons to ensure efficiency in the discussions and ensure the working group’s objectives are achieved.
The members are selected by the LSFI team and approved by the LSFI board based on the profile, experience, expertise and availability of the applicant while ensuring a balanced representation of stakeholders.

Key Dates for Application

Those interested in applying, should fill in the corresponding Application Form and send it to

Below you can find a snapshot of the main dates in relation to the application process.

Working Group’s Meetings & Commitment

The working group is expected to start at the beginning of November 2022, during the weeks of 7 or 14 November. Considering the working group mandate and objectives, the working group is expected to deliver its first conclusions regarding its “First objective” by April 2023.

The working group is held regularly, convening every 2-3 weeks during the first phase and every 6-8 weeks during the second one.